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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

There are several hundred law offices in Bangkok, and any one of them can arrange for registration of a newly-incorporated business. There are also accounting firms in Bangkok who can handle simple company incorporations. But - for both of these types of companies - orchestrating company start-ups is only a very small part of their overall business, and they tend to pursue incorporation processes in a fixed pattern, requiring you to solve many of the practical problems involved with company registration on your own.

Law offices tend to see law as the center of the universe, and your incorporation process will be handled in a way that produces the most elegant solution from a legal perspective. Accounting firms tend to see bookkeeping as the center of the universe, and to want to create the most elegant outcome from an accounting perspective.

Indo-Siam's Thai Startup activity is led by an experienced businessman, who sees business as the center of the universe. The lawyers and accountants who work for our firm are committed to serving as supporting agents to produce the best business outcomes for our clients. Law and accountancy support business, not the other way around.

We specialize in incorporations, and in providing related supporting services. We do not just accomplish the specific tasks that you assign to us - we step up and let you know about any implied or associated tasks that you should be asking for - based on our extensive experience supporting a wide array of different types of businesses.

Since 2003, we have incorporated more than 230 businesses - and we provide recurring, ongoing support to almost 100 businesses.

We treat the business startup process as a multi-faceted activity, including legal, accounting, marketing and brand development, business intelligence, and business advisory services - so as to best support the business missions of our clients.

When it comes to cost estimation, we do not provide you with a "menu-style" cost quotation. Instead, we provide you with a cost calculation worksheet, in spreadsheet format. The worksheet asks you to enter your assumptions at the top of the page. It then interactively uses your assumptions to produce a detailed account projection and timeline, showing each step or task that will be accomplished, the projected date that each task will be completed, our professional fee for that task, as well as any government fees or taxes that apply. Our cost projection is completely transparent and complete - there are no "hidden charges" or surprises when you deal with us. And - our worksheet allows you to see the cost effects of modifying your initial input assumptions.

Contact us now to receive our cost calculation worksheet.