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Thai Representative Office or Regional Headquarters Office in Thailand

The Indo-Siam Group has an established and successful practice assisting overseas firms in setting up either a Thai Representative Office or a Regional Headquarters Office in Thailand.

A Representative Office or Regional Headquarters Office may not issue invoices to, nor collect revenues from, customers located inside Thailand. Representative or Regional HQ offices do not pay corporate taxes in Thailand, and are not required to submit financial reports to Thai government. All funding to operate the Thai office must flow one-way - from the overseas Head Office to the Thai office - and be remitted from overseas into a Thai office bank account. Required remittance into Thailand is two million baht during the first 12 months, and one million baht each of the following three years.

A Thai Representative or Regional Office may hire as many Thai employees as necessary, but for this type of registered entity, Thai employees are not required to justify several foreign work permits. At least one foreign manager must be domiciled inside Thailand, where this manager exercises signature authority on behalf of the overseas Head Office under a formal power of attorney from corporate CEO.

Thai Representative or Regional HQ Offices can only be established on behalf of real, substantial overseas corporations. Part of the applications process requires that the local Thai diplomatic post in the home country of the Head Office must certify the substantial nature of the parent corporate entity. In support of this process, substantial documentation concerning the Head Office and parent corporation must be translated into Thai language, submitted to local Thai embassy in home country, and that diplomatic post must then certify/endorse the substantiality of the parent company corporate entity to the Department of Commercial Registration in Thailand. Required documentation includes incorporation documents, lists of corporate directors and shareholders, most recent year's audited financial report, and even a street location map of Head Office.

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